Woodworking Tools Made in the USA

The majority of hand and power tools that used to be manufactured in America are now being produced offshore like most other consumer products. There are some stalwart tool companies that remain committed to being Made in America. They invest in the U.S. economy and create jobs but also make safe products with great quality control.

Here are eight that you should consider:

  • #1 Estwing Hatchet
    Estwing Hatchet

    Since 1923, the Estwing family has been designing and manufacturing hammers, axes, specialty tools and pry bars. Each has an iconic leather handled hammer and hatchet which are a thing of beauty they are all produced in the Rockford, Illinois plant.

  • #2 Channellock Pliers
    Channellock Pliers

    Founded in 1886 this company is a leader in the manufacturing of high quality players and assorted hand tools. There are 350 employees in the Midvale, Pennsylvania factory and they are committed to the plumbing, automotive and electrical trades.

  • #3 Klein Linemans Pliers
    Klein Linemans Pliers

    Klein has produced tools since 1857 in its most famous for its linesman suppliers, which is a tool for electricians around the world. They are invaluable for gripping, twisting, bending and cutting wire and cable.

  • #4 Leatherman Multitools
    Leatherman Multitools

    This is the number one name in multi-tools. They are producing iconic tools in Portland Oregon since 1983. Each model like the Skeletool has its own fans. When your brand becomes the generic name for a type of tool you have officially arrived.

  • #5 Vaughn and Bushnell Hammers
    Vaughn and Bushnell Hammers

    This company is best known for its reliable striking and prying tools. The company has been in America since 1869 and the fifth generation Vaughn family members are still at the helm of the company.

  • #6 Hardcore Hammers
    Hardcore Hammers

    This is one of the new tool upstarts that is finding their way. They were started by two brothers who were carpenters and frustrated with the performance of their framing hammers, so they built their own. They produce hammers and hatchets in Shawnee, Kansas.

  • #7 Lie-Nielsen Toolworks Bench Planes
    Lie-Nielsen Toolworks Bench Planes

    This company was founded in 1981 and is revived popular but discontinued woodworking tools. They produce over 100 types of planes, saws, spokeshaves and chisels meant to last for generations.

  • #8 Eklind Tools Hex Keys
    Eklind Tools

    Founded in 1923, this company solely focuses on producing high-quality hex keys. You most certainly owned one of their T-keys, fold-ups or Torx keys in your tool chest. They employ 100 people in the Franklin Park, Illinois factory.