What to do Beginning Woodworkers?

  • #15 Wooden Arrows
    Wooden Arrows

    Hand crafting a set of arrows is one of the simplest woodworking projects one can complete. All one needs is a miter saw, a right angle, and craft wood. Do not forget to stain the wood to match the rest of your household decor.

  • #14 Wooden Cutting Boards
    Wooden Cutting Boards

    Wooden cutting boards are a great way to showcase culinary creations beautifully. In order to craft a wooden cutting board one will need untreated hardwood, a table saw, and sand paper. To eat off of one of these gorgeous cutting boards make sure to utilize a food grade mineral oil.

  • #13 Wooden Frames
    Wooden Frame

    Instead of purchasing a rather expensive art frame, make one yourself out of five dollar pine board. Crafting your own wooden frame is a great money saving alternative considering the small amount of supplies you will need to get the project done. To complete a wooden frame one will need wood joiners and wood glue at the very least. Some DIY instructions call for a miter saw as well but it is entirely optional.

  • #12 Crate Crafts
    Furniture from Wooden Trays

    Old wooden crates are great for crafting tables or shelves. Plywood can be utilized as the base of your table and then crates can be secured to the top to finish it off. If you apply the crates facing outward then you can utilize the extra space as storage shelves. Yet again, be sure to stain the table to match the rest of your home decor.

  • #11 Wooden Pet Furniture
     Wooden Pet Furniture

    Create a new bed for the family pet. This woodworking craft calls for pine board, furring strips, wood glue, a joining jig and nail gun. Just make sure to line the bed with a blanket or pillow once the project has dried and finished.

  • #10 Repurpose Reclaimed Wood

    Woodworkers are known to be quite savvy with reclaimed wood. Even a few old fencing pickets can be turned in a beautiful picture frame with just a saw and small hand drill.

  • #9 Wooden Birdhouses
    Wooden Birdhouse

    Building a wooden birdhouse is a simple yet effective way to add character to your lawn, yard, or garden. To complete the project you will need pine board, plywood, a drill, saw, dowel rod, and PVC pipe. Once each piece has been cut down to size, it is rather easy to nail the little birdhome together.

  • #8 Wooden Wine Rack
    Wooden Wine Rack

    Add some rustic charm to your home with a wooden wine rack. One should begin by sawing the wooden pieces to scale and then follow by staining. After they dry overnight the real construction can begin. Grab a nail gun and some wood glue to create the rack. You may even want to try mounting a bottle opener to the side.

  • #7 Wooden Stool
    Wooden Stool

    Crafting a wooden stool from scratch will require a good amount of time to measure and construct. One will need a level, wood screws, and jigsaw to assemble the piece. After completion you can either stain or paint the stool to add a personal finishing touch.

  • #6 Wooden Pet Feeding Station
    Wooden Pet Feeding Station

    A DIY Pet Feeding Station can be constructed in as little as one hour. A pine plank and prefabricated furniture legs are all one needs to craft the project. Paint it with your beloved pets name or decorate it with the shape of their favorite treats to add charm.

  • #5 Wooden Lamp
    Wooden Lamp

    Any old piece of wood can be turned into a brand new deco lamp. Just make sure to follow a wooden lamp kit's specialized instructions and seal or paint before drilling and construction.

  • #4 Wooden Side Table
    Wooden Side Table

    Crafting a convenient side table is a great way to keep your beverages close while cozying up on the couch. This project is a great way to create a contemporary piece to accent any home living room.

  • #3 Wooden Doormat
    Wooden Doormat

    Wooden doormats offer form and function in one neat little package. Wooden doormats give your guests a warm welcome all while providing them a spot to scrape mud and dirt off of their shoes. Plus, a wooden doormat can be constructed with just a hammer, wood glue, nails, and miter box.

  • #2 Vintage Wooden Crates
    Vintage Wooden Crate

    Can not find a vintage crate that matches the style of your home decor without breaking the bank? Guess it is time to craft your own perfect vintage wooden crate then. Reclaim some old wood and get to cutting.

  • #1 Utilize Pallets
    Pallets Coffee Table

    Pallets are an extremely versatile resource. Pallets can be made into tables, benches, chairs, and much much more. For a rustic home decor piece try crafting a wheeled coffee table.