Power Tools for the Beginning Woodworker

  1. Jigsaw

    A Jigsaw otherwise known as a Sabre Saw is a great tool for the beginning woodworker on a budget. It will not only create the curved or circular pattern the craftsman is looking for, but also help keep he or she within their budget. While it is true that a band saw will create a more accurate cut especially within thicker stock, it is a major purchase that has the ability to exceed even the most skilled woodworker's budget. If you are looking for a wallet friendly yet effective machine that is versatile enough to complete any job then select a corded, orbital action, easy blade switch Jigsaw. However, the most important factor of a quality Jigsaw is that it feels good in your hand.

  2. Router

    Today, routers come available in two different base types - either as a Plunge Base Router or a Stationary Base Router. Your typical beginner will most likely prefer a quality Stationary Base Router as it can complete a number of task and holds the potential to be mounted within a Router Table, if your woodworker chooses to invest in one later down the line. The router model should harness at least 2-HP and come equipped with electronic variable speed controls.

  3. Power Drill
    Power Drill

    While cordless Power Drills may seem all the trend, a beginning woodworker is better off with a versatile and powerful corded drill. For starters, corded Power Drills are way less expensive! They are also offered with several different accessory options including a hammer or straight drill front, keyed or keyless chuck, as well as differentiating chuck sizes (between 3/8 inch - 1/2 inch). It is best to do the research on each Power Drill before purchase in order to choose the correct one for you.

  4. Circular Saw
    Circular Saw

    Several woodworkers have the tendency to write off Circular Saws as they are utilized more often in carpentry. However, a quality hand held Circular Saw has the potential to be a woodworkers most versatile tool. A Circular Saw can become a woodworkers Table Saw by simply attaching a clamp on straight edge. This is an inexpensive way to tackle tasks like cutting sheets of plywood without purchasing a full on Table Saw. Budgeted woodworkers should without a doubt purchase a Circular Saw as it will be one of the most useful tools they will ever purchase.

  5. Random Orbital Sander
    Random Orbital Sander

    The Random Orbital Sander is a great investment tool for beginning woodworkers. Yes, a palm sander would be less expensive but it will never perform in the way a Random Orbital Sander would. Random Orbital Sanders utilize a hook and loop fastened sanding disk that will never leave a sanding pattern rendering your sanding motions almost untraceable on any stock. Just remember to use the proper granular sanding disk. A general rule of thumb is the finer the grit, the smaller amount of trace marks left behind.

  6. Compound Miter Saw
    Compound Miter Saw

    A quality Compound Miter Saw is an extremely valuable tool when it comes to cutting compound angles such as combination cutts, bevels, and miters. While the Compound Miter Saw is definitely a more complicated tool than that of a Circular Saw, it will definitely aid a beginning woodworker in perfecting more precise cuts.

  7. Table Saw
    Table Saw

    A quality Table Saw is most definitely a major purchase and to be frank, an optional tool for the beginning woodworker. Although, once you have logged several hours woodworking, a Table Saw has the potential to become the heart of your tool arsenal. Wait to purchase a Table Saw until you are free of a budget and can buy one of high quality as you will be utilizing this tool frequently and on almost every project. Take your time when learning all of the features available within a Table Saw and make sure to choose one that fits your needs best.