10 Ways to Monetize WoodWorking

  • #10 Repair Furniture

    Repairing the structure of a favored piece of furniture can be more complicated than one may think. Homeowners often find themselves stuck in the middle of a repair project and in the need of a professional woodworker. This is where you come in. You are qualified and knowledgeable of specific factors like wood moisture or varnish color which can tremendously help someone in need. People value their furniture and are willing to pay good money to have it repaired and restored.

  • #9 Sell New Furniture
    Wood Furniture

    Try your woodworking hand at creating new furniture from scratch that is trademarkable to sell. Handcrafted items are on the rise presently and only gaining more interest from niche clients. However, to make quality custom furniture you may have to invest in a few items first, such specific measuring tools and/or a draft table in order to produce clear cut plans for your clients to view. It is a good idea to obtain a large and diverse supply of high quality wood to craft your custom furniture out of. Utilizing quality materials is essential for building a successful and reputable woodcrafting business.

  • #8 Craft Smaller Items
    Smaller Items

    In order to make any profit on smaller items you will have to be able to produce large quantities in a shorter amount of time. The internet is a great place to start hosting your goods and as you gain experience you can venture out to local craft fairs and farmers markets. These locations are great places to seller smaller hand crafted items like toys, bowls, or utensils. You will come to find that item interest will vary by season. Toys sell well during the holidays, while wooden sets of bowls or utensils sell better during Fall and Spring.

  • #7 Building Construction & Repair

    It is no secret that woodworking is easier and much more manageable when done in a team. A team environment promotes good work ethic as well as a large variety of skill sets able to meet the needs of any client you aquire. Teams are also a major help when it comes to dealing with crisis or when your services are in high demand. There is a lot of money to be made in building construction and repair, but it is best to do so with a highly qualified team.

  • #6 Get Innovative
    Innovative wooden product

    If you are having trouble coming up with a wooden product line to sell - it is time to get creative. Why not try walking around the house and finding items that are made out of say, plastic, and replacing them with high quality wood materials instead. You never know, you may just come up with a large range of wooden drawers, desks, or tub products to sell. Plastic is a toxic and limited resource, many consumers are switching to wood based products every day, so get to brainstorming!

  • #5 Emp Proofing

    Wood is one of the only insulators that cannot disburse an EMP Pulse. Thus, you are still able to sell wooden boxes that host the ability to be converted in Faraday Cages.

  • #4 Storage Containers

    Wooden compartment boxes that can be installed in closets or under beds/couches are all the rage presently. With a little thought, effort, and some intricate designing any woodworker can create a new and innovative storage system. You can even utilize wooden leftovers and scraps to save on overhead costs.

  • #3 Weaponry

    Several indigenous weapons were carved and handcrafted from wood, such as spears or tomahawks. These artifacts and creations hold high value among collectors and can be sold at a great value.

  • #2 Utilize Your Scraps

    One would never guess that sawdust and woodchips actually hold value. These scraps can be bagged and sold as insulation or garden soder.

  • #1 Prototypes
    Wooden prototypes

    Wooden prototypes are greatly valued among innovators. Did you know every new car design begins with a wooden prototype? Woodworkers are coveted for invention prototypes. Prototypes may require an extra amount of work and time but it is worth the business opportunity at hand.