16 Tools for Woodworking

Woodworking Hand Tools

Hand Tools

  • #16 Hand Drill
    While most woodworkers may utilize power drills, a hand drill is essential to have in your arsenal as power may not always be readily available. Vintage hand drills can be a great purchase as they are offered at major discount and are relatively still in great shape. Make sure to purchase the correct bits that fit the vintage circular cutouts.
  • #15 Feather Board
    Feather Boards are essential for edge finishing on raw cuts. The best part is that feather boards can be made from scrap wood.
  • #14 Metal Layout Square
    Metal layout squares are the combination of a 90 degree angle and protractor. Metal layout squares that include an adjustable bevel are optimal as they make plotting angles fairly easy. Metal layout tools are fair better than the plastic versions as they will never warp or melt.
  • #13 Calipers
    It is of utmost importance to create exact tolerances when joining two pieces of lumber together regardless of what you are building. The caliper tool with aid you in improving joint precision.
  • #12 Wood Clamps
    Wood clamps are non negotiable when it comes to woodcrafting. Keeping various pieces of wood stable as you work is essential and therefore wood clamps will always come in handy. Plus, they almost never damage your final product.
  • #11 Moisture Meter
    Moisture Meters are vital to wood crafting. Wood quality has the ability to change with the differing seasonal temperatures. It is essential to know the moisture level of your wood in order to create long lasting and durable products. Additionally, it is smart to bring your moisture meter along with you as you shop for lumber as you will be able to test the moisture level of each and every bundle.
  • #10 Nail Set
    Acquiring a quality nail set is paramount to create woodcrafts that do not contain unsightly hammer prints. Clients will always notice a poorly crafted product.
  • Woodworking Power Tools

    Power Tools

  • #9 Circular Saw
    Circular saws are great for cutting straight lines quickly and efficiently.
  • #8 Bench Grinder
    Bench grinders host the ability to create curved shapes as well as remove large amounts of wood efficiently. Bench grinders will do the same job as a saw or file but it will get the chore done in half the time.
  • #7 Lathe
    Lathes are utilized to produce rounded wood pieces with percision like decorative rounded leg tables.
  • #6 Jigsaw
    Jigsaws are perfect for curve and circle cutting. They work well in tight areas and shorten cutting time by tenfold.
  • #5 Rotary Tool
    The rotary tool is a great woodcrafting 'all in one' power tool. Rotary tools come with several attachments like routers, hand drills, sanders, jigsaws, and drill presses. This tool will aid in accuracy and shorten your crafting time.
  • #4 Metal Detector
    It is imperative that a woodworker own a metal detector if they prefer to scavenge for their lumber. Metal Detectors can help you find hidden nails, staples, and screws in your wood that can become dangerous or harmful to your tools as you cut through wooden pieces.
  • #3 Sander
    We recommend purchasing an orbital sander as they reduce the risk of leaving sand marks in your wood. While sanding can be done by hand, a power sander is proven to get the job done in a fourth of the time.
  • #2 Table Saw
    Table Saws are perfect for cutting wood in large quantities. However, table saws can become rather expensive. Plus, you can always mount a circular saw to a table and get the same job done for much cheaper.
  • #1 Router
    A router is one of the most important tools in woodworking as it hosts the ability to quickly make grooves along with several other shapes and will not puncture all the way through wood pieces. Better yet, make your own hand router out of a wood block and chisel as a router is only needed on a project to project basis. Vintage routers that are electrically powered can still be found online or at flea markets for incredibly cheap.